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Key Resources for NYC Public Schools WBL

New York City Public Schools CPP (WBL Tracking System)

CPP is the Comprehensive Web Based Interface that the New York City Public Schools staff can track a student’s Career Readiness and Work Based Learning benchmarks throughout their time as a NYCDOE High School Student. The CTE Tracking System (CPP) will serve multiple purposes for NYCDOE High Schools including:

  1. Providing a single location for schools to track career readiness activities without need for additional tracking systems
  2. Reducing/Eliminating the necessity of schools to keep paper records of student career readiness activities
  3. Providing a comprehensive system that will allow the NYC Public Schools’ Central office to effectively track student participation in and completion of career readiness benchmarks and provide accurate data to funders and stakeholders (i.e. Perkins, City Council, Etc.)
  4. Handle the allocation of funds and payout scholars for enrolled experiences

CTS Handbook Link

NYC Public Schools WBL Internship Guidelines

The NYC Public Schools Work-Based Learning (WBL) opportunities include authentic learning experiences that allow students to explore their career goals, abilities, and interests while applying their academic and technical knowledge and skills in a real-world setting. For the 2021–22 school year, and aligned with New York State Education Department (NYSED) guidelines, the majority of the DOE’s work-based learning, including internships, will take place virtually. Review these guidelines for virtual, in-school, and off-site WBL allowances.   Please note that in alignment with the DOE’s COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement, all non-DOE personnel, such as community-based organization staff or intermediary providers supporting students with WBL on-site as they perform virtual or in-person work, must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter a NYC DOE building. 

Fall 2021- 2022 Work-Based Learning (WBL) and Student Internship Guidelines (Updated January 2022)

New York City Public Schools CTE In-Person and Virtual Guidelines

In light of COVID-19, the Office of Postsecondary Readiness (OPSR) and CTE has outlined the processes, policies, and practices to ensure that high school students receive high quality work-based learning experiences, including virtual internship that balances student’s learning, safety and privacy.  The New York State Education Department upholds continued use of virtual work-based learning, including internships, the 2021=22 school year.  The majority of DOE Work-Based Learning will be virtual in the 2021-22 school year to ensure continued student access to these opportunities while managing student health and safety implications. Regardless of internship modality (virtual, in-person, hybrid), all non-DOE personnel such as Community Based Organizations, Intermediary Providers, etc., providing support for WBL and internship programming must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter a DOE building.

CTE In-Person Internship Overview School Year 2021-22. (Updated September 2021)

CTE Virtual Internship Overview School Year 2021-22 (Updated September 2021)

NYC Public Schools WBL Scope and Sequence

The CTE WBL Scope & Sequence was created for the use of school staff working to prepare students for postsecondary success and provides guidance around the Work-based Learning activities that will support the career exposure, skills development and work preparation of students beginning in High School through their CTE program.  The document can support the alignment of the Work-Based Learning components based on phase and grade level in compliance with NYSED guidelines leading to the 54 hours of approved WBL experiences for CTE concentrators.  It will also provide a framework with which to plan the Work-based Learning activities for the year, taking into consideration the different needs students may have and the employability skills they should acquire as they move through the continuum.

CTE WBL Scope & Sequence

New York State Education Department WBL Guidelines and Manual

The New York State Work-Based Learning Manual serves as a guide for all registered work-based learning programs approved by the NYSED. Both registered and un-registered work-based learning programs provide valuable experience for students and may allow students to earn elective credit and/or paid work experience. The Handbook also guides school districts in choosing the correct registered work-based learning program that accommodates their students’ work-based learning experiences and details the critical elements of those work-based learning activities. 

New York State Education Department (NYSED) guidelines

New York State Education Department Work-Based Learning Manual

NYC Public Schools WBL Activity Grid

The WBL Activity Grid is a tool created by the NYC Public Schools team to guide schools in creating and documenting the Work-Based Learning activities and experiences for CTE concentrators during their high school tenure.  The grid outlines those elements that should be included to make them NYSED acceptable, provides examples of quality practices and instruction in terms of documentation in the CTE Tracking System.  We encourage schools to refer to this as well as the NYSED WBL Handbook as they build and support WBL opportunities.

CareerReady NYC

NYC Public Schools is partnered with the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development through CareerReady SYEP, a program that offers participating CTE high schools guaranteed SYEP work experience slots and the opportunity to build strong connections between participating students’ year-round academic learning and their summer work and enrichment experience.  In addition, the program provides explicit connections to high quality postsecondary counseling and planning in the upcoming school year.  Ongoing professional development and technical assistance that supports high quality WBL experiences and placements that are aligned with CTE content areas. 

CareerReady NYC is a long-term policy framework developed in partnership between City government, employers, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations to support young New Yorkers with the educational foundation, work experiences, and essential skills needed to achieve career success and economic security. CareerReady NYC aligns the components of the “public talent pipeline”–K-12 public schools, publicly administered workforce programs, and the CUNY system—within a coordinated system of academics, work-based learning experiences, and comprehensive supports. Developed by a working group of City administrators, educators, employers, funders, and service providers, CareerReady NYC will furnish young New Yorkers with the skills, credentials, and experiences to thrive in the world of work, while ensuring a robust pipeline to fill the talent needs of local employers and fuel the city’s economic growth.

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